Heavyweights - Steven Brill

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Heavyweights - Steven Brill
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Steven Brill

Genre: Kids & Family

Price: $9.99

Rental Price: $2.99

Release Date: February 17, 1995

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From the creator of "The Mighty Ducks" comes "Heavyweights," a comedy of enormous proportions! It's the hilarious story of a group of underdog kids who discover their beloved summer camp has been sold to a crazy fitness fanatic who's determined to make their lives miserable! The new owner plans to keep the boys huffing and puffing, but these hungry kids have a plan of their own. They unite to turn the tables, take back their woodsy hideaway, and challenge the rival camp to the most outrageous summer games of all! You'll laugh out loud with these "Heavyweights" -- they're big, loud, and proud, and ready to win their way into your heart!

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