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Smite and StarCraft


Here’s a little update on what’s been going on recently with work. I’ve just launched my latest personal animation, StarCraft Universe:

Got a lot of help on this one from my wife, Andreea. Check out her Artstation page here.

At RealtimeUK we’ve recently done another trailer for Smite:

And here’s a breakdown of my work on the Smite trailer:

Thanks for checking out my work!



RealtimeUK CG Trailers

Hey all,

It’s been nearly two years since I started working at RealtimeUK, as a Senior Generalist/VFX TD.

Here are a few of the trailers I’ve worked on while here. Please view in fullscreen HD:

There is much more to come! Thanks for watching!



Red vs Blue Season 10 – CG Showreel

I’ve had the privilege to create over 3 minutes of CG for the 10th season of Red vs Blue, by Rooster Teeth.

Go ahead and see it in fullscreen HD:

I worked with my wife on  this; she modeled the Longsword ship, Destroyer ship and the nuclear bomb.

Special thanks to Kathleen Zuelch, Matt Hullum, and all the crew at Rooster Teeth working hard to create this amazing show year after year.

StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis – CG Animation

Alright, the moment of truth is here!

StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis has been released. Enjoy! This is the culmination of over a year and a half of work in all the spare time I could muster.

A big thank you to Blizzard Entertainment for your support and for making such incredible games that inspire people.

Go ahead and see it in fullscreen HD:

Spread word of the video all you can, comments are welcome!

Additionally, I am very proud to announce my next professional project is the cinematic intro for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, developed by Ironclad Games and published by Stardock Entertainment.

- Chris

Final Metamorphosis Posters

I’m very excited to share this with you.

There are three days left until I release the StarCraft: Final Metamorphosis animation.

To celebrate this, here are two posters for you, featuring iconic characters from the StarCraft storyline.


So get ready. On the 27th of October, the Final Metamorphosis is upon us.

- Chris